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The most beautiful subway stops in the world


BootsnAll has an article – ‘15 of the Most Beautiful Subway Stops in the World’. Apparently, 2 of the top 5 (2nd and 4th) are in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. These are Formosa Boulevard Station and Central Park Station.

I have been in both stations and they looked impressive indeed. Thanks to former Kaohsiung mayor, Frank Hsieh, for his vision, courage and determination. When he decided to make the bids international, it seemed that domestic companies that traditionally got projects under the KMT regime were really unhappy. The media, the prosecutors’ office and the blue camp seemed to be working together to attack and smear Hsieh. Similar things happened around the construction of 2009 World Games main stadium. Years later, we realised that Hsieh has never been prosecuted for the MRT project because there’s no evidence of wrongdoing and his team have all been cleared. I suspect only those who have firsthand experience understand the hassle during legal investigations and proceedings, especially when the investigating body is biased in the first place. That’s definitely painful.

At the most difficult time, Hsieh quoted the artist, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, “The pain passes but the beauty remains” (痛苦會過去, 美麗會留下). If you have the chance to visit Kaohsiung, do spend some time and look around. You wouldn’t be disappointed. I wasn’t. I actually wish I had more time.

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    Great to see those two fantastic stations on the list!

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