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Does Miaoli prosecutors’ office work for the people or KMT?


Michael Turton quoted a Taipei Times article about Miaoli county prosecutors’ office issuing an indictment to a DPP legislative candidate and political commentator for public defamation. I’d like to add that the alleged defamation referred to them describing Miaoli County Commissioner Liu Cheng-hung (劉政鴻) (KMT), as “an official without moral principles and a bully” on the Talking Show on 23rd June, 2010.

Their comments were because of Liu’s part in the Dapu incident, in which the Miaoli County Government seized farmland to expand the Hsinchu Science Park’s branch in southern Hsinchu by blocking off roads and sending excavators into farms that were awaiting harvest.

Premier, Wu Den-yi and Liu actually apologised for what happened in Dapu in 2010. If it was wrong to criticise Liu for the Dapu incident, why did Wu and Liu apologise then? It is puzzling why Miaoli county prosecutor indicted the two commentators only days before the election. More bizarre is that the same prosecutors’ office and the police never seemed to have investigated the death KMT legislator, Hsu Yao-chang’s wife caused or contributed to.

Hsu was also found to have plagiarised someone’s Masters Dissertation. This is Hsu’s dissertation. This is the one he plagiarised. Here’s a comparison table highlighting the parts Hsu copied. It seems that Hsu did not just quote the study but copied pages and pages, chunks and chunks of someone else’s writing. When asked, Hsu claimed that he had never heard about that study but it was actually in his reference list. Apparently, both dissertations were supervised by the same person. How he missed such obvious plagiarism is beyond me.

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