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Fatal crash swept under carpet: KMT control of media and law enforcement?


The wife of a KMT legislator, Hsu Yao-chang (徐耀昌), was involved in a fatal accident on 29th November 2011 in Miao-li County, Taiwan. She hit a motor scooter while in traffic violation and the rider died instantly. Witnesses said that there had also been a man in the car when it happened but no one confirmed the identity of the man. Some have wondered whether Hsu was the man and whether the man was actually the driver. There had been literally no press coverage. This aroused suspicions of a cover-up. Some residents started posting information on Facebook, demanding answers.

On 31st December 2011, Miao-li city chief, Chiu Ping-kun (邱炳坤) questioned the complete silence on Facebook. ETtoday then put out an online report yesterday. However, within hours, the page was removed. There is now only one report on Newtalk. Hsu told the press: 1) the rider was drunk and 2) he had nothing to say because what happened already happened. The victim’s uncle confirmed that Hsu had visited two days before the funeral. Hsu emphasised to the reporter that the victim’s family were very grateful for the financial compensation he paid.

The whole thing was a huge contrast to the press coverage and police efficiency when a DPP legislator was involved in an accident. The DPP legislator’s attitude was also very different from Hsu and his wife’s, as he immediately called a press conference to answer questions, resigned his position as a legislator and withdrew from the upcoming legislative election.

No one is suggesting that Hsu’s wife was solely responsible or that Hsu was involved. People just want answers and at the same time feel stunned by the lack of press coverage of this incident.

Update: Yes, Hsu is running in the 2012 legislative election. This could be why there has been such a tight lid on this incident.

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