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Su Tseng-chang and the Liberty Times


In today’s Taipei Times, there is an article on the latest development of the DPP selection for their presidential candidate for the 2012 election (i.e. telephone polls). Before discussing the article, let me explain the way it works (I’ll do my best). When someone gets a call, they will be asked three questions and they have to answer all three for the call to be valid in the polls. The three questions are:

  1. Between Tsai Ing-wen and Ma Ying-jeou, who would you support in the 2012 presidential election?
  2. Between Su Tseng-chang and Ma Ying-jeou, who would you support in the 2012 presidential election?
  3. Between Hsu Hsing-liang and Ma Ying-jeou, who would you support in the 2012 presidential election?

The person who gets the highest support against Ma Ying-jeou would win. In other words, the comparison is always made against Ma rather than each other. As such, if someone supports all three DPP candidates, none of them is going to get any point and their answer becomes useless. In this situation, if all green supporters support all three (or both of the strongest two), then the outcome is going to be determined by blue or middle voters and if the blue camp wants to interfere with the outcome, their supporters can simply pick someone they think is the weakest.

To show the true support level each candidate gets, the best way is for everyone to say that they only support the candidate(s) they are most sure about in all three questions. This means that when asked about the person they support vs. Ma, they say the person’s name and when asked about the others they do not like as much, they say ‘no comment’ or simply repeat the name of the person they truly support.

In this article in Taipei Times, something in the following passage seems to be misrepresenting the fact.

Advertisements produced by groups connected to Tsai’s campaign have said that voters should “only support” the DPP chairperson, suggesting that they should choose Ma over the other two candidates.

As far as I know, no Tsai supporters within the DPP suggests that they should choose Ma over the other two candidates. They have always been saying that voters can say ‘no comments’ orjust  repeat ‘Tsai Ing-wen’.

I also think it is quite funny for some DPP figures to suggest that ‘asking voters to “only support” a single candidate would run counter to its ideas of avoiding inner party strife’. Asking voters to ‘only support XXX’ has actually been used for years in all the other DPP polls. Those who are criticising this approach now have probably all said the same thing when they themselves or their faction members are in the primaries for council or parliamentary elections. Why have they suddenly developed this aversion? Is it because the one they support is lagging behind and they are hoping that the strongest candidate’s support gets balanced out by those who give support to both of them? If everyone is confident with the one they support, they can all ask voters to ‘only support’ whoever they support, can’t they?

I am disappointed but not exactly surprised to see Taipei Times misrepresenting this point because it is not a secret that its Mandarin version, the Liberty Times (the best selling newspaper in Taiwan) has been a loyal supporter to Su Tseng-chang for years. They not only support Su but either viciously attack anyone in Su’s way or ignore news associated with those individuals. Now, I am beginning to wonder whether the owner’s influence has seeped into Taipei Times as well. If anyone knows the running of Taipei Times or has observed their reporting for a long time, your observations and comments are really welcomed. I will write another post in the near future, looking into how the Liberty Times supports Su and the ramifications. I would just like to point out the possible reason for their unwavering loyal to Su today.

The owner of Liberty Times is the owner of a huge construction company. The company owns a lot of land in Taipei County. When Yu Ching was the county chief, he refused to issue the license for three buildings because the company did not comply with the regulation where companies have to give up land to offset the engineering cost. Since then, Liberty Times has been extremely negative about everything Yu did. After Su Tseng-chang became the chief, he quickly let it through. Those three tall buildings brought in potentially billions of profit for the company.

A lot of Su supporters argue that SETTV supports Hsieh and therefore Hsieh is no better. I completely disagree because one programme on SETTV showing more support for Hsieh during the 2008 election does not mean that the whole company does. SET News has often been observed to stir trouble for Hsieh as well. Also, that particular programme’s support for Hsieh completely disappeared after he lost the 2008 election. It may be true that the owner of SETTV is a friend of Hsieh’s but I am inclined to believe that his support for Hsieh is based on his appreciation of Hsieh’s achievements in Kaohsiung (he came from Kaohsiung) and personal friendship rather than any profits Hsieh helped the company make. If there is any dodgy exchange, with the level of hostility other media companies has towards Hsieh so far, I doubt it could remain hidden after all these years.

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  1. Gin Shia permalink
    16/04/2011 05:16


    駁藍暗助說 蘇:同黨不要這麼做

    1′ 〔記者李欣芳、曾韋禎/台北報導〕民進黨總統初選第二場政見會昨登場,面對蔡英文陣營指國民黨介入綠營初選支持蘇貞昌,一直保持低調的蘇貞昌首度反擊說,聽到同黨的人這樣講,「我感到很難過」,同黨不要這麼做,二十多年他跟著民進黨這支黨旗,哪一場沒戰過?哪一場沒助選過?


    蔡:民進黨很團結 與蘇、許友誼不受影響







    蘇:無畏國民黨抹黑 但同黨這樣說令人難過。請問他抹黑謝長廷,謝不難過嗎?



    6′ 蘇貞昌強調,他對民進黨有很深的感情,聽到同黨的人說蘇貞昌民調比較高是國民黨動員農漁會替他助選,他聽了很難過;民進黨一定要團結、有風度,初選過程要平順圓滿,支持者才不會失望,黨才有前途,台灣民主文化才會提升。



  2. 18/04/2011 03:14

    It’s probably hard for frequent readers of TT’s to comment if the TT operates in favor of Su, unless they also read other local media in Chinese (certainly not the LT).

    I did observe one incident back to the 5-city election campaign. In an article in which the TT reporting Tsai’s campaign, they attached a photo of Su’s, playing soccer I believe, with that article, even the entire article has nothing to do with him.

    In the LT, similar cases happened numerous times during and after the 5-city compaign. It has gone to a point that green supporters voice their intention to abandon the LT several times already due to the bias. You can find lots of info collected in the BlackRain’s blog, .

    I also observed one thing today. The DPP primary has been going on for quite some time, going through a lot of events— decision on all-poll process for the primary, Tsai-Su meeting, big head meeting, Tsai’s announcement, Su’s announcement, Lu’s announcement and later withdrawal, Hsu’s announcement, the 3 TV presentations of all candidates —- all media (both the paper and online version) in Taiwan did polls to reveal public opinions about who is the best in response to those events. However, the LT has done NONE in 2011. They have a poll center, and people reported that they received calls from them (about 7~10 days ago), but obviously the LT doesn’t want their readers to know about the results.

    Even if we forget about the poll center, the LT does have an online poll site:

    With that site, they conducted online voting on a new topic on a daily basis (exclude weekends), collectively ~80 survey this year, but none of them asks readers “who do you think is the best candidate in the DPP?”. For some reason, they miss all those critical developments of DPP entirely.

    • Claudia Jean permalink*
      18/04/2011 19:18

      Thanks for your comment and valuable information. Perhaps we can do a post on this topic together?

  3. Claudia Jean permalink*
    19/04/2011 18:43

    Thanks Echo. Do you mind if I contact you via your email?

  4. Claudia Jean permalink*
    20/04/2011 18:04

    Cool! Thanks. I’ll email you about this soon ;)

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