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Congratulations to Taiwan’s Yen-hsun Lu!


I was keeping an eye on Wimbledon earlier today cos I knew Taiwanese player, Yen-hsun Lu (ranked 82nd in the world), was playing Roddick (7th). Before it began, not many people would have expected Lu to win but he gave a fantastic performance and appeared to be much calmer and more steady and secure than Roddick. Considering the ranking, one would have expected the opposite but perhaps the pressure to get another chance in the final got the better of Roddick?

Lu’s the first Taiwanese player ever and the first Asian male player since 1995 who has got this far at Wimbledon.

Lu is going to play Djokovic (3rd) next. To be honest, I think Lu will need a lot more luck against Djokovic, especially after a 5 set match today, but no matter what happens, he’s made history. Well done and best of luck!

BBC: Andy Roddick crashes out to Yen-Hsun Lu

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  1. 29/06/2010 20:20

    Yea, it’s a wonderful and exciting game to watch. There was this online vote when they got 2 sets all, asking the viewers who they thought would win the 5th. The result is 83:17 against Lu.

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