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2009 Kaohsiung World Games Opening


The opening ceremony of the 2009 World Games went very well on 16 July(considering the amount of budget was given to the opening and the whole event) except that China boycotted the opening (mutual non-denial? One China, two interpretations? Haha!). The whole evening was themed around the Taiwanese culture and the local scenery of Kaohsiung. Here are some clips:

I couldn’t find the actual performance but a clip of their rehearsal. The lead dancer was the 84 year old dancer, Lee Tsai-e. The theme was the nature and the sea as Kaohsiung is a port city and has a river going through.

Taiwanese traditional puppet show

This dance incorporates the local Taoist religious ceremony

The firework was 100% authentic, no digitally enhanced pre-recorded image.

‘We are the Champions’ sung by Taiwanese singers Tiger Huang & Shin, British tenor, Russell Watson and Heyley Wenstenra from New Zealand. No lip-synching!

Tiger Huang singing Taiwanese song ‘Happy sailing’. Really, it was her voice. She did sing it and wasn’t just lip synching and posing there.

Going around the world and finally getting back to Kaohsiung. What awaits you is a energetic and vibrant city. The runner in the middle was Kevin Lin, a marathon runner and advanture athele. The show was performed by amatuers from the local dance and music groups as well as students from local colleges and university.

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  1. 18/07/2009 03:14

    Whoever planned that ceremony should be immediately fired. The bits of it I saw on TV were terrible – I think my wife was embarrassed to be Taiwanese after seeing that.

    • Claudia Jean permalink*
      18/07/2009 16:44

      I agree that there’s probably a lack of experience and the visual experience from TV wasn’t the greatest throughout. However, the whole event was done with a minimum budget, thanks to the Chinese Nationalist Party and there were actually a lot of creativity and imagination there. If your wife feels embarrassed of being a Taiwanese because of it, then perhaps the problem wasn’t the opening.

      • 19/07/2009 04:05

        Obviously it’s subjective as to whether it was done well of course. Blaming the KMT is kinda stupid when World Games rules state that they are meant to be funded by the host city using existing facilities. Using purpose-built facilities ( as they did implies an awful lot of corruption went on just to win the games in the first place – surely they could have followed the rules, won the games on merit and saved a lot of money (which could have been used for the opening).

  2. 18/07/2009 05:42

    Taiwan should take a lesson and boycott any/all events where it cannot be represented by it’s own identity) (i.e. “Chinese Taipei”). the Chinese need their diaper changed.

  3. E.L permalink
    20/07/2009 01:31

    Whoever planned that ceremony should be immediately fired. The bits of it I saw on TV were terrible – I think my wife was embarrassed to be Taiwanese after seeing that


    非常不禮貌的人,什麼叫做immediately fired ?他自已是不是工作不力剛被老閭 fired 失業漢? 還是惡意的親中人士?



  4. Claudia Jean permalink*
    21/07/2009 17:09

    To Craig Ferguson:

    Your claim is not accurate. You said ‘meant to be funded by the host city using existing facilities’

    Thanks to Tim Maddog for providing the following

    The host is never required to build facilities or extend upon available infrastructure for the sake of The World Games alone. IDEALLY, the event is to be staged at existing venues, in appropriately sized facilities, which have been planned or built regardless of the candidate host bidding for the The World Games.

    The Official World Games rules are here (linked on the official site [see the blue section in the left sidebar]):,11040,1044-163485-180700-85070-0-file,00.pdf

    “… the Host City shall be responsible for the provision of all facilities…”

    It actually doesn’t specify who ‘financed’ the facilities. If it was not allowed, the IWGA wouldn’t violate its protocol and let it through.

    If it was not legal to fund the World Games, why would the KMT shoot themselves in the foot approving anything in the first place?

    Both Taipei and Kaohsiung cities pay taxes AND get funding redistributed from the central government every year. There’s nothing wrong with the central government funding Kaohsiung for the World Games.

    You also mentioned corruptions. I hope you have solid proof before making such a claim.

  5. Teresa permalink
    22/07/2009 11:08

    Well, it is not our business who can not be pround of who she/he actually is. Don’t blame others if you can not even be pround of who you are. If you do not know how appreciate your own culture, it again absolute not other people’s fault. The one who can not even appreciate self should be shame but not us. ^_^ Again it is totally democratic nation. She is very much welcome to be citizen of other nation. ^_^ Don’t worry that we won’t stop you. ^_^ It is fairly easy to change one’s nationality, isn’t it?
    It is always space to make things better, so does this. But they did very good job. ^_^ Prove that you can do better than this, otherwise, you really have no position to judge. ^_^

  6. 26/07/2009 15:50

    I personally like it very much. Wasn’t there, didn’t see it on TV, but considering how this whole thing played out I think they did a superb job.

    Thanks for the video summary.

    • Claudia Jean permalink*
      28/07/2009 00:24

      I’m glad you liked it :)

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