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Follow up on protesters run down by police car in 517 rally in Taiwan


I blogged about two elderly protesters run down by a police car within the guarded area during the big rally on 17th May in Taipei, Taiwan. Taipei Times reported a follow up of this incident. Following the incident and Mayor Hao’s apologies, the authority failed to answer crucial questions but blamed the two elderly protesters for jaywalking! The fact that they are made responsible for their own injuries would have a major implication on whether they can claim compensation from the government. The two police officers in the car each received a major demerit and two minor demerits while their supervisors each received a minor demerit.

The family members of these two elderly men and about 100 residents from Taoyuan staged a protest outside Taipei City Hall as they felt the punishment on the police officers were too light and another disciplinary hearing should take place.

The protesters anger and disdain is understandable. Last October, the Chinese envoy, Zhang Ming-qin fell over when faced with angry protesters in Taiwan. Chang did not sustain any serious injuries and certainly did not require any surgery. However, Tainan City Councillor, Wang Dingyu, who was present during the protest and helped Zhang to his feet after the fall, was prosecuted for affray and assault within 8 days. The prosecutor requested a minimum of 1 year 2 months sentence to be passed on Wang. The police chief of Tainan was immediately transferred (demoted) as punishment.

Another good contrast will be that when Su An-sheng kicked former President Chen Shui-bian and elbowed former ambassador to Japan, Hsu, it took the prosecution over a month to investigate and prosecute and the prosecutor only requested a minimum of 4 months sentence.

It is quite obvious that under the Ma regime, the police and the authority treat those who support the Ma regime and those who don’t very differently.

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  1. Adam permalink
    12/07/2009 00:33

    I think Wang Dingyu really pushed Zhang. I rememeber seeing it on T.V. There is, however, an obvious descrepency in treatment of those who are violent against greens and blues and Chinese authorities.

    • Claudia Jean permalink*
      13/07/2009 12:32

      Hi Adam, Thanks for your comment.

      Many people have seen the clip of Wang and Zhang and we all think we know what went down. You might want to know that it has been confirmed that the Judge reviewed the tape in the courtroom second and by second and determined that Wang did not touch Zhang in anyway before or when Zhang fell over. Unfortunately, no media picked up on this update.

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