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If this is not White Terror, I don’t know what is: student in Taiwan harassed by police for attending 517 rally


A 3rd year Taiwanese university student said in a press conference that when he was rallying in Taipei, Taiwan on 17th May, the police telephoned his university and contacted his parents. The police told the student’s parents to ask him not to join the rally. The dean also contacted his parents and said the same thing. 

The student said that he felt scared by the police harassment. Some DPP legislators enquired about this. It turned out that the National Security Bureau was behind it and asked the police to investigate the student’s whereabouts on that day.

There are a few points:

  1. Who told the police that the student was attending the rally? Are there student spieson campus again? Did the military instructors have a role to play in this?
  2. Who gave the police his parents’ contact details?
  3. What authority did the police have to tell his parents to stop him protesting?
  4. What authority did the university have to tell his parents to stop him protesting?

It is puzzling why NSB did not make any attempt to hide it this time. Is the government actually trying to send a message that everyone is being watched now?

Related to this case, the 5 students who got attacked while protesting in front of Ma are said to be under ‘surveillance’ as well. Yang Hui-ju, the Taiwanese woman who was refused entry in Beijing during the Olympics, said on her radio show that prior to 17th May, the military instructors in those students’ university talked to some of them and asked them whether they were attending the 517 rally and whether they were going to throw petrol bombs on that day. Those students have been calm and collected with no record of violence. In fact, they’ve been victims in a violent attack and inadequate treatment by the police. What was the military instructors’ questioning for?

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  1. 25/05/2009 07:09

    Ominous, hardly encouraging.

  2. Adam permalink
    12/07/2009 00:28

    Yep! This sounds like the White Terror. Pretty bad!

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