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Ma Ying-jeou is starting a blog


Ma Ying-jeou is starting a blog and this has generated a lot of discussions online. Apparently, the presidential office is opening an account with one of the most popular host, Wretch, to tap into the younger population. The presidential office budgeted NT$1,600,000 (US$48,800) for the setup and maintenance of that blog alone. Well… how much does it cost to run a blog?

Dr. Billy Pan wrote an article about this and pointed out that Ma already has had a blog from his presidential campaign. It has not been updated since he won the election but it remains online and accessible. So why doesn’t he just keep updating that one? Dr. Pan commented ‘The main disadvantage of using this blog is that it contains a lot of his campaign promises which he has failed to keep. Therefore, he wouldn’t come off too well if he continues to update this blog [and draw people’s attentions to what he promised and failed to deliver]’.

If Ma sets up a blog on Wretch with the highest level of service and upgrade, it would only cost NT$4,000 a year, taking into account maintenance. So with NT$1,600,000, Ma can have 400 blogs on Wretch. Dr. Pan also explored the cost of a self-hosted blog and the total cost for set up and maintenance should not be more than NT$150,000.

The above will NOT apply, of course, if he is not going to use his aides in the presidential office and going to hire a writer specifically for his blog BUT who is he going to hire that will cost over NT$100,000 to write a few articles a month given the going rate in Taiwan? 

Taiwanese taxpayers’ money well spent? What’s he going to do with the under spent?

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  1. Julia permalink
    11/01/2010 04:00

    Hi there, I was wondering if you would by any chance have the link to Ma Ying-Jeou’s NT$1.6 million (!!) blog. Have been searching around on Google, but can’t seem to find it. Do you know if this plan actually went through or the government decided to scrap it?


    – Julia.

    P.S. good job on a very informative and insightful blog on Taiwanese politics :)

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