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Another protest against the Parade & Assembly Act amendment in Taiwan


The KMT is not backing down on the Parade & Assembly Act draft amendment even though it’s been heavily criticised and protested against. The negotiations between KMT and DPP on this draft amendment failed to reach any consensus. As the current draft would impose the highest restrictions on rights to assembly in Taiwan, I doubt any democratic political party would find any part of it acceptable.

As all the party negotiations have broken down, the KMT is likely to push for a vote next Tuesday, 5th May, and use their overwhelming majority to pass the amendment because Ma has already ordered it to be done on that day. In fact, Ma already said during the 3 way meeting between Presidential office, Executive Yuan, the KMT on 27th April that this amendment was in line with the global trend and already more lenient. Therefore, it has to be passed as soon as possible. He also refused the notion of withholding the police’s power to break up any rally, as outlined in the current draft amendment. He emphasised that the current draft was very good and should be passed as soon as possible. It’s quite obvious now who’s behind all this and almost desperate to turn Taiwan into a police state.

In response to Ma’s statement and KMT’s anti-democracy tactics, the DPP said that they would do absolutely everything to prevent it from being passed. Alliance of Referendum for Taiwan is going to protest and surround the Legislative Yuan from 9am on Tuesday, 5th May. To let them know you are going to join them there or have any questions, you can fax them beforehand at 02-23628798 or email them at

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