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Frank Hsieh on Plurk


Frank Hsieh (former Premier, former DPP Chairperson, 2008 DPP presidential candidate and founder of Taiwan Shadow Government website) has been known for his great ability to keep up with the latest trend and technology compared to politicians or public figures of his generation. He went on Twitter, Facebook and youtube in 2008 while he was running for President. Now, he’s also joined Plurk (


He’s announced that from now on, he’s making Plurk the main channel of his communication with the online community. He apologised for not being able to post messages very often and that’s because although he may get his assistant to keep an eye on comments on his various sites for him, he would always read replies and post messages on Plurk himself.


Here’s a link about the evidence that Hsieh is really doing it himself

UPDATE: Hsieh has learned to Plurk from his mobile and key in Japanese characters. Here’s the evidence and yep, he’s still doing it all himself. His messages are very witty and interesting. He’s also made several important announcements on Plurk.

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  1. Passing By permalink
    04/05/2009 15:04

    Very nice piece of news. I like that he put in that he would personally respond on Plurk. Very cool of him to do so (with all those shadow writers out there for celebrities).


  1. Links 4 May 2009 - David on Formosa

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