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Upcoming protests against the latest KMT amendment of Parade & Assembly Law in Taiwan



The KMT has been attempting to slip through amendments of the Parade & Assembly Law which will further restrict freedom of assembly in Taiwan. A-gu did a great job summarising all the points.


The latest version of the law makes sure that protesters did not only have to ask for approval beforehand but also gives the local police authority the power to alter approved parade routes, protest sizes or finishing time wherever and whenever they see fit. This is going to be stricter than the Martial Law era. If this is passed, Taiwan will really become a police state. It is vitally important that the amendment is not passed. Therefore, the DPP legislators occupied the speaker’s dais and prevented further hearings from Friday morning (24th April). The KMT is likely to have another go on Tuesday, 28th April.


Students from the Wild Strawberry Movement are going to gather outside the National Taiwan University Alumni Hall (2-1 Chi-nan Rd. Section 1, Taipei, post code 110) at 9.30am on Monday, 27th April and march to the Parliament to voice their disapproval. The civil group, Alliance of Referendum for Taiwan, will also join those students outside the Parliament on at 8.30am on Tuesday, 28th April. Anyone who would like to show their support or is interested in the development can join those groups.

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