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Police chief NOT prosecuted for unlawful conduct and human rights violation



The Prosecution in Taipei, Taiwan decided not to prosecute Police chief, Lee Han-ching, who forced the closure of the Sunrise Records shop and took away some of the items from the shop last November when China’s representative Chen Yun-Lin visited Taiwan. He claimed that a shop assistant turned down the music without being asked and the owner closed the shop herself but the owner and dozens of witnesses there said otherwise. However, the prosecutor said that the shop assistant and owner complied with the request by the police themselves and therefore there was no offence to be prosecuted.


This decision again shows the lack of independence of the prosecution services (Let’s not forget that the security during Chen Yun-lin’s visit was directly handled by National Security Bureau which answers directly to the president). What’s worse is that since last November, no police officers have been properly investigated and punished for their unlawful conduct and violations of human rights. In fact, Lee Han-ching has been promoted after the November 08 incident. The human rights situation in Taiwan is indeed getting more and more worrying by the day.

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