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KMT government standard – it’s OK for officials to go out on dates during working hours?



An article in Taipei Times reported that Minister Without Portfolio, Chu Yun-peng (one of the key individuals who came up with the idea of Ma’s ‘633’ promise), apologised for going out on dates during office hours. He was allegedly using the government vehicle allocated to him to take his girlfriend when they went out. He seemed to fixate on the question of whether he was having an affair with this woman and decline to comment, citing rights to privacy and sidestepped the point that he went out with the woman during working hours.


In the UK or the US, politicians or officials like Chu would have been investigated, resigned himself or asked to leave as soon as the news hit the light. However, Premier Liu let him off lightly by simply telling him not to do it again, the same as what Ma said when National Security Councillor’s wife was found out to have gone to China for a book signing event. The Mainland Affairs Council said it was not illegal. Neither official is going to lose their job or penalised in any way.


Ma keeps emphasising moral values but it seems that anything goes as long as one is in the same camp as Ma. Imagine what it would be like if a DPP government official did something like this. Could Chen Shui-bian get off lightly if he promises ‘not to do it again’?  


Update: Three days after the news broke out, Chu stepped down. Chu claimed that he verbally resigned on the day it was in the news but Premier did not agree. He said that he did it in writing on 24th and Liu signed it off on 25th.

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  1. 23/04/2009 14:22

    “apologised for going out on dates during office hours.”

    Does a minister have fixed office hours?

    • Claudia Jean permalink*
      23/04/2009 16:06

      They are at least expected to be working between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, aren’t they? What would happen if a German minister is caught going out on dates during work hours between Tuesday and Thursday/Friday (7-10 April), using a government car?

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