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Taiwan Shadow Government forum on ethnic issues in Taiwan



Taiwan Shadow Government is holding a forum – Face the ethnic/race issues in Taiwan.


It takes place between 10am and 12 noon on Monday, 30th March 2009 at National Taiwan University Alumni Hall in Taipei.  


The Kuo Kuan-ying incident is a crucial test on Ma as to whether he really has the ability to deal with the ethnic relations in Taiwan, whether he can genuinely look at his own background and the relative advantage he has over others and whether he has the courage to reform the current establishment. However, Ma and his administration procrastinated and kept externalising responsibility, which denotes both arrogance and incompetence. They failed to deal with it timely and appropriately but blamed those who criticised their lack of actions and procrastination for manipulating ethnic issues.


Given that this issue has been brought to the surface, Taiwan Shadow Government decided to have a public discussion on whether there is ethnic disharmony in Taiwan? Who defines it? If it does exist, who would benefit from it? Who would be the victims? Who is labelling others as manipulating ethnic issues? Who says racial discrimination should be protected by freedom of expression?


The programme is as follows:



Title and speakers


Opening and welcome

by Pasuya Yao, Chief Executive of Taiwan Shadow Government & Former General Information Office Minister



An overview

by Frank Hsieh, Founder of Taiwan Shadow Government, Former Premier & Former Chairperson of DPP



Ethnic issues in elections

by Hsu Yung-ming, Assistant Professor of Politics at Suchow University


Ethnic issues in the press

by Lu Tung-shi, Former President of The Association of Taiwan Journalist (ATJ)



Freedom of expression or racial discrimination?

by Hsu Hui-feng, Professor of Law, Chinese Culture University



A look at freedom of speech and ethnic relations from the Kuo Kuan-ying incident

by Yeh Chu-lan, Co-founder of Taiwan Shadow Government, Former Vice Premier



Closing remarks from each speaker

(5 minutes each)


If you are interested and would like to attend, you can email them at, leaving your name and indicate whether you would like to receive their Taiwan Shadow Government e-newsletter via email before midnight 29th March or simply turn up on the day and register on your arrival.


The full address is Room B, 3rd floor, 2-1 Chi-nan Rd. Section 1, Taipei (post code 110).


For information on public transport, map and directions, please clink on the following link:交通方式.htm


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2 Comments leave one →
  1. 29/03/2009 07:43

    What language are the presentations in? And why is that unhinged clown-idiot Pasuya Yao being given a platform? Aarrrgh.

    Also, I am stealing your post to put it on my blog. Hope you don’t mind.

    • Claudia Jean permalink*
      29/03/2009 14:36

      No problem at all. Thank you for doing this & letting people know about memorials for Deng Nan-jung.

      I think the presentations will probably be mainly in Mandarin and probably some Taiwanese. I know for sure that Hsu Yung-ming doesn’t give presentations or public commentaries in Taiwanese fluently. He always speaks Mandarin. I also watched their CECA/EFCA forum before. Frank Hsieh and most of the speakers used Mandarin.

      I didn’t know you have such strong opinions about Pasuya Yao ;-) I have to admit that I didn’t follow his performance when he was GIO Minister. But I’ve listened to/watched his radio programmes and collected news reports as well as Pasuya’s own accounts of what actually happened. He doesn’t seem as bad… There were actually some news reports that were biased against him and his policies. In his own radio programme, his presentation is rather ‘mild’, considering the image he got from his GIO days. I actually quite like his radio programme – the issues he discusses, the way he presents those and the guests he invites.

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