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Military instructors going into junior high and primary schools?



I wrote about military instructors on campus in Taiwan a couple of times, explaining the history of this special group of personnel on campus, the purpose of having them in every school in the past (to watch and ‘discipline’ students) and the inappropriateness of having them in schools now.

KMT government is not backing down on the military instructor issue

Military personnel on campus in Taiwan


There has been new development but I’ve been extremely busy and not been able to follow it up until now (along with a lot of other topics).


In 2006, the Ministry of Education under the DPP government did not only stop replacing retired or resigned military instructors but also reduced the hours military instructors teach. Thus, in the need for military instructors would gradually diminish. However, the Department of Military Training in MoE under the current KMT government has been finding ways to maintain military instructors on campus.


It seems now it’s not enough for the KMT to have military instructors in universities and senior high schools. Towards the end of last month, the Department of Military Training Education in the Ministry of Education said they wanted to introduce military training into junior high and primary schools in order to maintain military personnel on campus. This proposal was met with heavy criticism and the Department later strongly denied this plan ever being proposed. They claimed that they just meant for military instructors to provide junior high and primary school teachers information on security issues and perhaps give 1-2 presentations a term as external trainers/speakers. They denied there ever being a plan of having military instructors employed in junior high of primary schools. The plan was allegedly announced on the Department web bulletin but when I checked the link today, it’s no longer there.



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