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The 15th New Culture Group culture camp in Yunlin, Taiwan: a closer look at Taiwan



Between 5th and 8th February 2009, a culture event/camp is taking place in Yunlin, Taiwan, the birthplace of traditional Taiwanese puppet shows. It is organised by the New Culture Group for students and young people in Taiwan. The New Culture Group was founded in 1992 and has held activities all over Taiwan (Peitou, Wulai, Hsinchu, Nantou, Tainan, Kaohsiung etc). The main aim of the New Culture Group is to help young people gain more in-depth understanding of Taiwanese culture and the needs to place Taiwan, culture, the vulnerable/disadvantaged and the environment in priority.


The New Culture Group was founded by Frank Hsieh (the DPP 2008 presidential candidate and former Premier of Taiwan 2005-2006) and no matter what position he is in or how busy he is, he always makes sure that he attends every culture camp to share his views with the participants and listen to those young people. He, of course, is not going to miss this one.


Hsieh himself is extremely well read and knowledgeable. He is quick and witty and excellent at explaining issues in plain languages, cleverly using examples, quotes or stories to convey complicated concepts and messages. Those who know him or have met with him say that he is kind, humorous and personable. He makes considerable amount of efforts in raising cultural awareness among the young, getting them to understand and feel attached to where they live and grow up (rather than a land far far away) and the need to look after the vulnerable in the society. All these combined set him apart from other politicians in Taiwan.


This particular event includes a visit to the Pi-Li Taiwanese puppet show studio and the puppet show master Huang, Wen-tse will talk to participants about the history of Taiwanese puppet shows, their performance and show production. It also includes visits to local farms and talks given by a well known writer, Wu Yin-ning who has written a lot about agriculture in Taiwan, and film director, Lin Yu-shien. Also invited are Yunlin County Commissioner, Su Chih-fen, former Deputy Head of Environmental Protection Administration, Chang Feng-teng, Chief Secretary of Taiwan Academy of Ecology and Chair of the Yunlin Association (Alliance) of Environmental Protection, Liao Kwan-mao who will talk about the environmental impact of the Formosa Petrochemical plant in Yunlin.


Students (undergraduate or postgraduate) over 18 from all over the world are welcomed to participate and have a better look at Taiwan. The cost is NT$1500 per person and if there are 3 of you signing up at the same time, it will be NT$3000 altogether. For details, please visit or To sign up, you can telephone 02-23958867. Event liaisons: Chang (0933381892), Wu (0926650528).

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