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October 25th protest against Ma Ying-jeou and China in Taiwan



As predicted by various organisations, the number of protesters who participated in this 1025 protest was greater than the August 30th rally. The DPP estimated it to be 500,000 before the event but a Japanese press estimated it to be 600,000[1][2]. People went on the street to demand Ma’s government to say NO to China, safeguard Taiwan’s sovereignty and uphold Taiwan’s democracy. Ma’s disapproval rating has already reached 65% and approval rating 23%.[3] No one can say that only pan-Green supporters are unhappy with Ma.


I’ll let photos tell the story.

Taken by 謝明海

Taken by 謝明海

Taken by 謝明海

Taken by 謝明海


Taken by Dr. Billy Pan

Taken by Dr. Billy Pan

Taken by Dr. Billy Pan

Taken by Dr. Billy Pan


The rally has ended but hundreds of supporters are still there and refuse to leave. They want to stay until the government sincerely respond.  

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  1. U.P. permalink
    06/11/2008 10:46

    It is a real tragedy that KMT and their “great leaders” have not only exploited Taiwan and their people for the past 50 (less 8) years, but now they are giving Taiwan’s democracy and opportunity to actually gain full sovereignity away to the Peoples Republic of China, a system that celebrates early capitalism (exactly the one Marx experienced in Manchester and that was the basis of the development of the communist hypothesis) under the political roof of communism – quite a perverted stretch for people and societies. Their system is neglecting human rights and Hong Kong has been subjected to their political rule regardless of the talking and promises. I would hate to see Taiwan go down the same drain! The people of Taiwan should appreciate their democratic and human rights and object to the efforts of the ruling KMT to sell them off to the PRC!! Ma Ying-Yeou was obviously lying to the people during his election campaign and he will make sure that his party and the leaders will get a sweat deal from the corrupt PRC leadership. This is one of the less observed serious tragedies in the shadow of the current global economic crisis. I feel sorry for the people of Taiwan who were mislead by the ruling KMT and completely underappreciated the efforts and the good intentions of the former DPP government. Good luck to you guys who voted for Ma! Welcome to communist China!

  2. U.P. permalink
    06/11/2008 10:57

    The good news is that Ma is not really a president since in his own language he is demoted to a “head of a special region” of the PRC. Congratulations! The KMT has never changed their ways and their understanding and support of real democracy is obviously a huge gap in their political program. When asked critical questions (e.g. about the milk scandal and the PRC issues) he would just be silent and try and distract the focus of a critical press and of critical citizens. This actually is a great fit with the prevailing politics in the PRC.

    Correction of a typo in my last comment: The KMT leadership wont negotiate a “sweat” deal with the PRC leadership (sweating is reserved only for the common people of Taiwan for whom KMT really don’t care) but a SWEET deal _ with lots of personal benefits and gains for those “peaceful and visionary” leaders of the KMT.

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