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August 9th demonstration against Ma in Taiwan



Taiwanese have started expressing their views on the current government’s China-leaning policy, giving away our sovereignty and their mishandling of our economy. (Please see my previous post ‘Taiwan is NOT happy with new President’) More and more people suspect and feel anxious that Ma is deliberately weakening our economy and making Taiwan totally dependent on China in order to make it easy for China to take over.


On 9th August, the first public peaceful demonstration against Ma, Ying-jeou’s government took place. This event was held by the ‘Taiwan Association of University Professors’, in collaboration with various other non-governmental and non-profit organisations. The organisers and supporters gathered outside the Presidential and expressed their dissatisfaction of Ma and KMT’s damaging actions on our sovereignty and economy. Thousands of people attended and a number of well known pro-independence and human rights writers spoke during the event. The atmosphere was warm and magnificent. People gathered together to voice their concern and show resolution rather than anger and frustration. 


Here are some photos of the day, taken by participants: 

(taken by Yufu


(taken by Yufu

(taken by Billy Pan

(taken by Billy Pan


The sign says ‘Defending our sovereignty’. (taken by Yufu


There are going to be more (and larger) protests and demonstrations against Ma’s administration this month. I’ll keep updating relevant information.  


(Many thanks to Mr Yufu and Dr. Billy Pan for the photos)


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